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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator


Baby yoga This for real ? Yep it is click here 

Throwing small children off roof of building in India. Annual ritual

Tattoo children

Video on planned parenthood Click here

Are people not familiar with Alfred Kinsey ?

Convicted pedophiles working as Santa Claus, clowns and magicians are not regulated

News regarding Santa Claus who is convicted sex offender allegedly did no wrong working as

Santa Claus at fast food restaurant.

What is interesting a video of a news investigation of convicted sex offenders working as clowns was deleted off internet and so was an article of investigation into NAMBLA who were alleged to talk to members on being mall Santa Claus. (Ref Curly lawsuit) 

Kinsey Institute has a video in which the most horrifying despicable thing ever.

An exhibit at the 2013 Kinsey Juried Art show

How horrific, makes me speechless and no longer able to trust humanity.

"Trust no man" but trust God. So true.

Gaybies is a new term.

There is a theatrical on Gaybies

image of Gaybies

Will the sex offenders registry be dissolved since they served their time and will use discrimination and human rights ?

Terry Bean a LGBTQ activist who is very much involved with Human Rights commission in news