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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator


Dozens of child sex dolls seized at border read here

We must speak out and stand up to keep women and children safe.

Ban sex dolls.

Realistic looking sex dolls rented for sex purposes.

Contact your area politician to stop sex doll brothels.

Sign petition

Court rules in land mark child sex doll case.

Court ruling Video Watch HERE

Note: Media calls me a self proclaimed child advocate

You may print flyers

Church of Satan believes sex robots can save us all. Read more

Chilling link between sex dolls and psychopaths ... and how serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's

"love mannequin" sparked his obsession with necrophilia. Read article here

Read how Yuval Cabriel wants to establish more then 10 sex doll brothels here.


Canadian court to determine whether child sex doll constitutes child pornography


Child pornography laws are being reviewed and defined.

Kenneth Harrison is charged with possession of child pornography regarding a child sex doll.

This criminal case may set precedent on child pornography laws.

Informative revealing video click here      Read   Article 1        Article 2        Article 3        Article 4

Yuval Cavriel owner of KinkySdollS plans to open 10 more sex doll brothels.

We need be concerned and make sure these types of ventures do not get approved.

If approved it would only be a matter of time until it could escalate to challenge laws

to child sex dolls and then become a charter rights issue.

We should not legalize sex doll brothels that may possibly lead to the legalization of child sex dolls.

Sex dolls and the dark side in 60 seconds. Watch video.

Read this article here

Will prime minister Trudeau change or rescind existing laws related to obscenity and border patrol?   Read here

Court case of Kenneth Harrison Oct 23rd 2017

At court St. John's NL Provincial court on Water st 

Advocating for child protection laws on the streets of St Johns. NL