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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Bill 33

Do you know about legislation passes in 2012 in Ontario Bill 33 Neutral Gender washroom View here

Bill 33 also known as transgender washroom bill was quietly passed with support of all political parties.

Bathroom voyeurism case in the news 

 A news article regarding the passage of this law, a comment posted to the news article reads

"Great reason to relocate to Ontario" to now have access to women's washroom.

London Ontario disabled student sexually assaulted in school washroom

Paul Witherspoon convicted child Sex offender uses trans gender for defense.

School creates gender neutral washrooms

Why does news not mention Bill 33 passed in 2012

News Edmonton schools gender neutral washroom

Youths were at a mall when I heard them call me a he she.

So why where they saying this about me? I suppose they see me as masculine. It's not like I dress to be looking like a man.

I do wear pants and do not see myself as a girly girl and I do not see myself as sexual.

Something is wrong when youths portray a stranger as a particular sexual orientation.

This is good example of what is happening.

Regardless I felt bothered by the comment and I wonder who should be responsible for this mindset.

Yes we need only look at Alfred Kinsey agenda engrained into society and the people.

In Alfred Kinsey book "Sexual behavior in the human male" Ref page 180 in book children at table 34

Alfred Kinsey was connected to Kenneth Anger co founder of church of Satan and

Aleister Crowley world's most wickedest man (click yellow link to learn more)