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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Criminal Cases

Entertainers are self employed, work with children, elderly and vulnerable

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Miller worked as a clown for years . I attended Millers court proceedings.

I spoke with Miller's victim who did not want to be identified.

Sex crimes targeting children leave victims sometimes resorting to suicide and lifelong problems.

I attended Mr.Chiasson court proceedings however nothing convinces me that he is innocent of charges .

I heard court details never publicly released. Some images were of infants sexually assaulted.

Note Chiasson worked as Santa Claus at 5 different malls in Toronto.

Promenade Mall, Fairview Mall, Hillcrest Mall, Centrepoint Mall, East York Mall and Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids hair salons.

Chiasson and his wife Cheryl were on a tv show

I discovered with my own research some very disturbing info that I reported it.

The following video shows Shawn Chiasson and wife on a Jon Dore show go to 2:45 mark

(video contains offensive language)

I went to Gatineau court re "Lawrence Doris" Santa Claus charged and now convicted.

I watched for the defendant but he was quick on his toes to be in and out.

Curious it appears the icon "Santa Claus" image is being defended

Even if Mr Doris knew the children is no reason.

Who Contacted Chris Hanson with NBC "To catch a predator" then this sting operation occurs. hmm An advocate perhaps?

Doubt it not :)

Chex the Clown arrested for alleged child porn Read more