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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Crickets for human consumption. click here

Are you buying into eating bugs ?

New York Times reports "Jimmy cricket Bugs could be next food craze".

Is this a hint of a darker scheme? Read the NYT story

Note - This particular bug (crickets) is attracted to light .

Would Lucifer want us to eat bugs?

About crickets

Crunchy has bugs for sale online for human consumption.

Looking up domain registration has been registered since 1999

The Fear Factor tv show encourages people to eat bugs.

Leviticus chapter 11: ...And God said: 'These are the things you may NOT eat, the eagle, the vulture, the owl (and other scavenging birds), all winged insects that go on fours, every swarming thing that swarms on the ground shall be detestable to eat, who so ever eats them shall become unclean'

The programming of acceptance to eating bugs


Fear Factor videos are absolutely sickening.

From candy

To the real thing

CNE Canadian National Exhibition promotes the food court with Bug Dogs READ here

The future of eating insects.

Must read repealing meat labeling law News

Note Food and beverages have bug ingredient Cochineal described as color, carmine and E40

Cockroach farm in China supplies pharmacies and for food consumption Watch CNN report here

Bug Bread watch

Most bottle water filled with fluoride read more

Aspartame sugar substitute

Watch video

What is BHT ?

Read about BHT more click this

Article list foods that silently kill Read here

What is MSG?

What do we know about MSG? An article I found here

Info about GMO's read this

What is Vector?