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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Randy Miller former clown convicted of sexual assault of child and child pornography.

Miller was a member of Clowns Canada.

The president of clowns Canada was a retired police Sargent. Hank Harvey

My photos and video may not be used nor reproduced.

Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately sex offenders rights supersede children rights to be safe.

Benjamin Levin former deputy education minister

was convicted of child porn related offenses

I attended sentencing of Benjamin Levin

at court (pictured above & left) I approached him

asking how he felt that child victims resorted to suicide?

No reply No response. Watch here

This video has been deleted off internet

Sorry for lousy quality I had to record over original

since no one wanted to help.

Interesting how this story does not mention child endangerment.

When the public cannot demand criminal record checks when most are self employed we need question why those in power refuse to legislate laws to protect children.

Who is involved in the entertainment business and parades.

Who are those who have self interest agendas.

Working at fair heard all sorts of disturbing things from carnies.

This confirms the need to regulate carnies and all who have access to children.

Some children are escorted on slides by carnies.

Parents must be vigilant.

Howard Kaplin TDSB school trustee Interview startled me to say the least when he talked about horse sex organ and babies parading buck naked click here

At the O.I.S.E James Kincaid Bodies at play in Toronto