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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

In 1965 to 1970 we lived in Carlsbad Springs 8th Line suburb of Ottawa, Ontario

My cousin, my aunt and sisters.

My 8th birthday Feb 1968.

My best friend to my right.

After telling her my secret I was never permitted to speak

or play with her again.

I experienced physical, verbal, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect.

Please for the love of God be a voice for children.

I survived. I was a child victim of rape.

On this eight birthday, I was distant from everyone.

I was numb. I could hear my mother's voice echo

"What's wrong with her?" I had no desire to blow out the candles instead I puffed my cheeks to appease my mother.

This picture depicts a traumatized child (center) a child victim of rape.

Lets work together to protect children.

Speak up... be a voice for children and victims !