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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Miracle I am

Many times I came close to death.

I had filled an oil lamp with Kerosene highly flammable which would of been devastating.

Somehow I did not light it. Thank God for that.

When I was a teen and struggled to deal with pain / trauma of rape.

Amazingly by the grace of God I survived.

I was found 1976 unconscious on the roof top of The Richelieu hotel on George st, the Byward market in Ottawa.

I was told I was found with no vital signs that I had been revived.

What was the Richelieu is now Fat Tuesdays

Amazingly by the grace of God I survived.

What I never realized before was that Jesus carried me through all the pain.

This is my testimony and proof of the miracles of God.

God knew I was my own worst enemy, I did not have the strength but he carried me through it all

I did not turn to God until much later I constantly grew closer to him I am very grateful.

I jumped out of moving vehicles several time

I was in accidents and was not injured.

Many near death experiences.

Physically assaulted many times throughout the years yet I survived countless dangerous situations.

Later in life I searched for answers and was amazed that all the questions I had were answered.

Ask and you shall receive.

One question was "Where was God"

Second question was "Why did God allow a child to become victim?"

Man was given free will to choose good or bad, because man chose to sin wicked crimes occur.

Once we seek answers truth is revealed and we have understanding of the bigger picture and God's amazing grace.

I am blessed and honored that I have been guided down a difficult path to help so many others

For with all this I was able to help others Read more

Praise God... He is awesome :)

Miracle I am .com