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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator


Movie titled Daniels World is a movie about a pedophile seeking acceptance see Metro News and trailer is on youtube

It is to normalize pedophilia.

Dr James Cantor news article promotes idea pedophilia is a sexual orientation read this Is Pedophilia a sexual orientation

An article of movie on B4UACT website who's clients are MAP Minor Attracted Persons

When calling TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) Bell Lightbox regarding info / tickets The info I collected was there were 250 seats with 100 tickets purchased. Speaking with a woman I asked many questions with one reply being the movie went with their theme and I asked what was the theme? The woman said movies relating to mental illness and I did notice there were discounted tickets for CAMH (Center for addiction and Mental Health) staff.

So it appears they promote a movie on a pedophile's life under mental illness themed movies yet it normalizes pedophilia by calling pedophilia a sexual orientation.

Film normalizes pedophilia and B4UACT calls pedophilia MAP Minor Attracted Persons a sexual orientation.

Movie Krampus the Christmas devil Chilling scenes of a Santa / Krampus stalking and kidnapping creepy disturbing scenes.

Surely people making the film should be aware of NO regulations anyone can be a self employed Santa Claus.

See trailer of Krampus movie

A website named Krampus has interesting info

Movie titled Black Mass glorifies murder. A story highlighting infamous James "Whitey" Bulger most dangerous gangster.

The movie has a soundtrack with the lyrics The devil is a lie but sounds like

"The Devil is Alive"

It is no coincidence the title Black Mass

Black Mass = The devil is alive.

Television show named "Dating Naked"      Wikipedia info

Be aware.

VERY concerning new movie to come out Aug 14th Cineplex is what the online Google shows

I am posting parts of a screen shot but not to display as it appears in whole as I do not feel comfortable

showing it as it is of a young girl in a skimpy clad bikini bottom with the words above the bikini

"Get laid or die trying"

It also has a tattoo on the lower pelvis area of the Satanic mark of the beast.


The name that stood out " John Dore" whom was in a short film with Shawn Chiasson

Chiasson was convicted of possession of child pornography ,

operated a day care and worked as Santa Claus in malls.

You can see John Dore and Shawn in this short film

The movie "Yellow"" romanticizes incest

Director Nick Cassavetes says incest is not a big deal.

Read about it here

In the movie "Purge" a day in a year is premise when people commit any crime without penalty.


The movie "Hobo with a shotgun has scene where school bus is torched with children inside bus.

Scene shows child inside bus against window while charred while bus in flames.

I do not recommend watching movie since there is a lot of violence scenes.