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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Kill the children Save the food title music by GG Allin on youtube

Action - Reported and flagged Status - not removed

The song incites violence and is racist

online since 2010

Expose yourself to kids (song title) by GG ALLIN

Posted since 2009

Video lyrics are obscene explicit sexual Inciting sex acts on children

A website post lyrics to this terrible song

A website of GG Allin "artwork" page 3 title Snakeman web address

Disturbing depiction of a man wearing a hood over his head while a child is holding penis. 

Put the baby in the microwave title of music by Mutilators

There are 4 cases of babies dying in microwave.

There are different versions of this song one with sounds of baby crying microwave door closing, baby's cry muffled and keypad being pressed The cd cover image is a distressed infant inside a microwave.

Online since 2010 ? Why?

Music band Ghost video what lyrics say

Please do not listen to lyrics this is to make you aware of what is out there.

There are bands glorifying Lucifer naming their band Lucifer and songs called Lucifer

Here a band called Lucifer