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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Stephen Lynn worked as magician.


Why did Brampton cancel licensing regulatory by-law?

Richard Herr aka "The Grand Ledge Slayer" convicted killer wrote a book

titled "Inside Outside"

Richard Herr volunteers as a Santa Claus for Tots . Read news

Herr estranged son wrote a book in response titled "The Murderer's Son"

This ought be everyone's concern No regulations No prohibition.

Most are unaware of unlicensed , unchecked self employed entertainers.

Why aren't big companies who own rights concerned about the use of their characters?

Companies owning rights should support law that prohibits use and abuse of their trademarks

The following video shows how a super hero character talks about condoms to children

Batman thinks he should talk sex ed to kids !

Are you aware of super hero character naked in the city ?

A man walking naked except wearing Batman headpiece and cape in Toronto on street naked?

Anyone can be an entertainer with access to children and vulnerable because they are self employed and there are no regulations.

If people want to use clowns or other children characters for adult theme so be it however

there need be regulations screening entertainers with access to children.

Adult entertainers such as exotic dancers (burlesque) require a license with criminal records check

so why aren't entertainers who have access to children and the vulnerable required mandatory criminal records check ?

Why no prohibition ?


What happened to code of ethics?

Porno the Clown dot com

His name is Jay Ould

His business called Lube dot ca and has sex shop The sex Toy factory , calls themselves sexperts.

Tab shows gov and non profits (see red arrow)

Lube ca registrant

The sex toy factory page info

"Toddler Clown" ?? Simulated sex acts live on video how clown orgasms ? SICK

Obscene acts of clown with imitation vagina and dildo live on video

Clowns are suppose to abide by code of ethics such as not eat not smoke and have utmost best behavior.

A video with clowns show them smoking and dressed in underwear see here


Clown cult on video strip naked clown


Burning man clowns on stage

with appendages swinging

Disc jockeys not regulated.


Bdsm and disc jockey

Ouchy the clown dot com


Sugar weasel dot com


Naked bike rider is painted up as a clown. Has the world accepted this indecency with clowns? Click here

If you google images naked clown see what it shows. My God the fact of no regulations is quite troubling. 

Gay Clowns make us forget our biggest childhood fears ? here

Strange video clown cartoon talks explicit click here