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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Prophetic Message

I truly believe nothing happens by coincidence. As I reflect upon my path I come to realize many things

First important step was to turn my life over to God, and help others.

Since a young age I had the gift of premonition I did not discover my real purpose and gifts until I put God first.

When I was a child I fore told an important incident prior to the occurrence making statement of the event yet to unfold.

When I was a teen I would doodle an image over and over, a thousand times. I never realized why?

Today I know the symbolic meaning. WOW it truly is symbolic prophetically.

In late 2013 I prayed to God wholeheartedly to reveal all that was hidden. Dec 2013

I experienced some amazing things.

God answered my prayer and revealed himself to me.

I now see the truth of his word in much of what is happening in the world today.

 Arizona State Senator "Sylvia Allen" suggested

law to make Sunday church attendance mandatory ?

Why is this important you ask? The significance is great !

God gave us Free will to choose.

I believe Gods word to be accurate with what is , what was and what will be.

Praise Jesus our Lord and savior, for he is the only way.

I am his servant and yours because you were made in his image.

Love and Peace brothers and sisters