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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

Have religions united to form one world religion?

Looking at past history of religions we can see there are many changes See article here

HWPL host annual world religion for peace See article

Symbols companies use are they hidden meanings? View here

Article is from Texe Marrs whom has authored books of New age. read more

Research has led me to believe that many masons are veterans of military.

When looking at 10,000 famous Freemasons it list high positioned FM.

One book found to be very informative is "Ritual America " A feral House book

Interesting to note Texe Marrs affiliation with Henry Makow who I question with his website Henry Makow dot com

and who had claimed no one protested at the James Kincaid Bodies at play while the Star newspaper reported

I and a few others were there with protest signs view 2nd photo.

What matters is we managed to video record the speakers event and get interviewed for our opposition of James Kincaid who has written books "Child loving the erotic child " times article

We have met the pedophiles and they are us.

I asked Mr Kincaid if he supported Alfred Kinsey work he stated that he very much admired Kinsey and his work.

When I asked Kincaid what about page 180 Children at table 34 in book "Sexual behavior in the human male"

Kincaid replied he had no knowledge of this. How could a professor who admires the work of Alfred Kinsey

not be aware of Kinsey well known experiments?

What is doctrine of secret societies ?

What are the origins of child sacrifice?

What is the difference between religious rituals and occult rituals?

Why are boys circumcised?