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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator


McGuinty said NO to license which would of included mandatory criminal records checks.

Former Premier Dalton McGuinty now lobbyist... more

A letter I received View here

The Victor Walk in Toronto started by Theo Fleury sponsored by Dr Michael Irving sculptor and founder of the child abuse monument.

I asked Irving for details about Theo Fleury victor walk and he said to me "He thought Theo was going to give his testimony in Ottawa

Michael Irving did not tell me in the morning Theo was starting his Victor walk from the child abuse monument in Toronto

It was Theo Fleury that told me when when I asked him details.

So I went to the monument the night prior to victor walk and lit candles with a memorial for the children who did not survive.

Why would I be told to move the pictures of child victims to around the corner ? This was deplorable.

I was told Victor Walk was Theo Fleury event.

It saddens me how children who loss their lives were disrespected by those who said to move

the memorial pictures to around the corner.

Thankfully the news captured the memorial pictures of child victims.

For The Victor Walk with child victims memorial Watch video

Why promote a frog tattoo?

Survivors must not deny their past as it is part of whom they are.

Sexual abuse affects victims in many ways.

Did the victims obtain support immediately are factors in recovery.

This is a crime that often goes unreported.

How many children die?

We must acknowledge all child victims.