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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

How did sex education get implemented in schools ?

Research book titled "Sexual behavior in the human male" published in 1948

Alfred Kinsey caused controversy with book & graph data on page 180 " children at table 34"

Who funded Alfred Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute ?

Answer " Rockefellers and U.S gov".

Netherlands has posted Kinsey videos with explicit disturbing details.

In April 2014 Kinsey Institute is given consultative status by U.N. UNESCO

Kinsey 2013 Juried Art show people's choice award was given to Michael Brohman his exhibit Labor Intensive

Exhibit is extremely disturbing.

Video on YouTube "Kinsey 2013 Juried Art show" is on You tube @ 6:45

Kenneth Anger was co founder of church of Satan, connected to Alfred Kinsey . Alfred Kinsey connected to Aleister Crowley world's wickedest man.

Satanic religions use children for sacrifice and there exist such things called sex magic.

The big SECRET only few are aware.

Connecting Satanic religion and Alfred Kinsey

Kinsey Institute defends Alfred Kinsey while he was involved in sex experiments of children.

Kinsey 2013 Juried Art show is revealing.

Michael Brohman dot com website,

is beyond creepy.

You decide for yourself !

Phil Lees from Ontario Canada

speaking regarding sex education.

Here I was at the court sentencing of Benjamin Levin ex deputy education minister

I video recorded and asked Levin if he thinks about child victims that resort to suicide?

I also asked him other questions unfortunately the video is deleted.

The media took video of me questioning Levin while describing me as a heckler. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Toronto rally against new sex ed curriculum

Sep 2016 see above video

Protesting sex ed march at Queens Park.

Story article children made to hold signs

"Teach me about consent" here.