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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

The truth will set us free

Many will turn away from God

It is vital to do your own research and

Trust God and not man for God will reveal all truth.

Why were few interested in event (SAVD) to acknowledge child victims ?

Unfortunately we are progressing in an age of destructive behavior ie "Do as thou wilt" Crowley satanic agenda.

Sadly child sacrifice is the norm and has been since ancients times .


Grandma stand up in church for Gay grandson

Picture of Bea Arthur ?

Same story only different picture on another website

What reason are they promoting fake stories ?


Get to the source on role played by Kinsey Institute (Alfred Kinsey) Dr Judith Reisman's exposure research?

Anita Fluentes youtuber with a large following has made video talking about purple penguin

Notice Fluentes videos often are topics from media stories.

EMOF aka Anita Fluentes claims to be Christian but Christians are to uphold ten commandments as "Thou shall not kill"

Is Fluentes response to threats retaliation / vengeance with video showing of weapons at 15:00 ?

The Lord says vengeance shall be mine.

Fluentes video Mark of The Beast is sure to catch attention when it is highlighted as

"You can take 666 mark of beast and still be saved? A MUST HEAR " she uses the word darn at 1:54 in video.

When she uses the word darn it is used with the statement with darn Christians darn churches

If we are attentive to every word used we may learn to discern.