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Linda Beaudoin

Activist - Advocate for child protection laws - Educator

The importance of keeping informed

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Who was Harry Hay

Notice article " Hetrosexuals Inspiring Pride "

If someone can please explain what exactly was changed in bill C54 (Post a forum)

There is a surge of vigilantes so called Pedo Hunters this will cause special protection laws for pedophiles.

What part does media play in reporting vigilantes Pedo Hunters?

Vigilantes post the sting online and if these alleged perpetrators are convicted they will have grounds for dismissal.

Note there is website stating objectives most have been accomplished.

The objective to release sex offenders basing it as a sexual orientation.

The objective to repeal age of consent.

Portraying pedophiles as victims is key for sympathy then support.


Do pedo hunters aka vigilantes facilitate special protection laws for pedophiles?

Doubt it not!

Mpp Cheri Di Novo is pushing for Bill 137

NOTE - She calls children / babies "Gaybies"

In 2012 bill 33 passed into law the trans gender washroom law.

Men dressed as women are permitted to use woman's washroom.

Sponsored by NDP Cheri Di Novo bill 33 aka "Toby's law" supported by all parties.

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